Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 weeks!

Wow, I can't believe it's already been over 2 weeks since he was born! Holy smokes does time fly, and boy am I glad I requested an extra 3 weeks from the maternity 6 at work. Hopefully it goes through, we'll find out soon.

my boys sleeping...early 27 Jul (2w2d)

kind of smiling...26 Jul

King of the bed! 25 Jul

Cuteness...23 Jul

Sunbathing tummy time (help with jaundice) 23 Jul


He had his 2 week appt today. Weighed in at 7lb7oz. So he's still not at his birth weight, but he is gaining, and they're happy with that. They're going to try and help me figure out the pumping thing (if it's the pump, or me), but we'll see how that goes. I think God is slowly working on my heart about formula. Thanks for all the prayers. Anyway, they didn't say anything about his jaundice, I guess not really concerned anymore. Supplementing would be more for weight gain, since they're supposed to gain about an oz/day. Since his 3rd day of birth weighing in at 6lb11oz he's gained 12oz, so about right (weigh in was at 15days old). He's on target, and he went from being in the 8th percentile to the 15th. Everyone comments how tiny he is and how skinny...but he's healthy, so I'm happy. They want to see him again in 2weeks (as opposed to waiting for 2mon appt and all the shots), so we'll see how much he can pack on then.

He had his first bath yesterday, dad gave it to him in his brand new tub that Uncle James got him. Mom loves it, I'll have to try and get some of the video up. He seems to like bathing, as long as he's fed before bathing, but not too fussy. He's such a good baby! We're so blessed! Someone commented that all this going well (only 17hr labor, relatively easy minus the pitocin part; not really fussy baby) will make me want another-and then that one won't be the same. I dunno. I think I'd still want another one, it's just a matter of timing it. Or... more like being open to God's timing.

That's it for now, mommy needs some rest-aloha!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some video...

Here he is sleeping... so cute.

and here is awake!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some pics and an update...

We call this the "milk coma" after he eats... check out his crazy positions of legs and arms... (22Jul)

Daddy and baby Cruising...(20 Jul)

Big Eyes!! (22 Jul)

He's way too cool isn't he? (22 Jul)

Well, he finally pooped the day before yesterday, but he hasn't pooped since then. We're still supplementing with formula, which frustrates me since I wanted to exclusively BF... but the only comforting thing is that I know God is in control, and no matter what Zeke is gonna be exactly the way God designed him to be (he is fearfully and wonderfully made-Ps 139:14).

Um.. that's all I can think of for now. Mommy's a little tired, time for nap before a grad party tonight. *sigh* then time to get more homework done. At least I started my project, and I read the whole chapter so I can get started on the discussion board post.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to my world...

*updated 10Aug with pics from the camcorder*

Hello world!

I decided it'd be easier for me if I made Ezekiel his own little blog. This way friends and family without facebook can see pics of him... and perhaps I can even update with some achievements and all that good stuff. Sorry it's a little late, but enjoy!

Mommy meets baby for the second time...this time he's cleaner and all wrapped up

Hanging out together in the mother baby ward...

13 Jul ~16hrs old. Cruising in the hospital bassinet all bundled up.

Runaway baby! Taking him home from the hospital...14 Jul

Home! 14 Jul-2days, evening time...

Mommy and baby...I wanted to make sure we got some pics with his eyes open, since they're hardly open when people are around...

15 Jul-3 days, all bundled up in his bassinet (in parents' room)...

15 Jul-hanging out with daddy....

Dad helping supplement to bring on weight gain

My eyes really open! Getting a diaper change

They call me... "Little Chef" (his shirt looks like a chef shirt)