Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting bigger and bigger...

Some more pics, and again they're all out of order. One day I'll get it.

Closeup, hanging out in the crib...
22 Aug

Kickin' away
22 Aug

Sleeping thru Friday night service
21 Aug

Cute little bugger
21 Aug

Big eyes, fish lips
20 Aug

Caught on camera! We were home from something and he was still in the carseat. He was quiet and we looked at him, just sitting there smiling all sorts. Glad we caught a big one!
19 Aug

Aunties Michelle and Amy fighting over who's his favorite aunty
18 Aug

Aunty East holding a sleeping baby...
18 Aug

All squished sleeping (trying to trick him into thinking he's next to a body :P)
16 Aug (? between 14-17 Aug)

Hanging and kicking in the crib- 22 Aug

Monday, August 17, 2009

2 week followup

I forgot to tell ya'll what happened at his 2 week followup appt. Which I found out they scheduled because he wasn't at his birthweight at his 2 week baby well appt, so they wanted to see him again 2 weeks later. He topped the scales at 8lb 9oz which is good news. Gaining 1lb2oz in 2 weeks. He was also 21 inches, meaning he grew about an inch. All good news, even if all of his nutrition is probably coming from formula.

The doctor tried to ask me about why my milk wasn't in all the way, or I wasn't producing enough. Something came up about my biopsy during the final weeks of pregnancy, and he was like, "Well of course you're not producing a ton of milk! No wonder. Your under a lot of stress." *sigh* I guess that's better than just my body not producing it...and there's an actual reason for it.

That's it! Zeke is doing well (even tho he's kinda sad in the other room as I pump and just fed him, I thought he was asleep, but apparently not for good). He's starting to get some control of his head, and he squirms a lot. When you hold him to feed him, or even in general. Sometimes we get him to smile while we talk to him, other times we get this far off gaze. Either way, he's pretty cute. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Long overdue pics!

They're all out of order in regards to time frame, but at least they're here!

Delicious hand 9 Aug

Sleepy time with mommy 5 Aug

Cutie 10 Aug

He has an ID card...too bad it looks like a mug shot

Fish lips 10 Aug

Sleepy tummy time- 13Aug

Dad and baby passed out...12 Aug

Mommy checking out the Ergo baby carrier (12 Aug)

Sleeping again... 13 Aug

Best friend Sarah came to visit (she was due 2 days after me)
Ezekiel's girlfriend is Scarlett - 14 Aug

Just cruising...12 Aug

Kickin Coaster-13 Aug

We got the Kickin Coaster in the mail yesterday. It's awesome. And thankfully he's long enough to be able to actually kick (he's 21inches!). Here's some video...

There's a setting if you kick it then music goes off, he got it at the end!

He wasn't very happy when I put him in, it was very close to food time. But he still gets one big jump towards the end! :D

Monday, August 10, 2009


Marcus trying to wake him up.. he wasn't having it.

Ok, hard to hear (with the pump in the background), but Marcus is playing with the baby and he's saying "miiilk" because he calls Zeke the milk caller...

Some more tummy time, he's not that upset this time.

Full view of tummy time, can't wait for the Kickin Coaster to come in!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some more videos...

Waking up...he can tell when I have the camera, I don't think he enjoys waking up to it...31 Jul

Just hanging out...4 Aug

Kicking it with tummy time...not his favorite (he prefers eating)...31 Jul