Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Various parts of Sep 09... some are multiple times of one event..good thing youtube puts the title I put in! :D

More to come after they all load on youtube tonight...cause I'm off to bed yo! Work at 0345! *night night*

Friday, September 4, 2009

Soo late I know...

Sorry these pics and videos are late. It's been a little crazy, I dunno why. But I'm so slow to post these things. Can I say it's because blogger only lets me do 6 at a time? I dunno. Anyway.. thanks for your patience. Feel free to ask for more frequent updates :) I'll have more motivation to do it knowing someone is asking for it. :P Plus facebook just makes it so much easier to update. And I have to update with more recent pics after this, well probably (hopefully) after I start my hw... cause I have this paper due on Monday. Ugh. Can you believe he's TWO months today?! :D

26 Aug

25 Aug

25 Aug

25 Aug

3 Sep

Date with his girlfriend Scarlett 3 Sep

They "slept" together :P

Someone enjoys his jogs... thanks BBG! 2 Sep

1 Sep... Trying out the Bumbo :)

Baby boy waking up...

Some more unhappy tummy time, at least he kicks a lot! :)