Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Oct Pics...

Sorry these are late, I think I uploaded them before the surgery and didn't get to post it...They're all from Oct...

Air Jordans...from Auntie Ruth...

beautiful brookey...

I think I look a little psycho in this pic...

Family pic! :)
100 Days old...19 Oct

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just some pics...

Who knew Cosco diapers were so useful? :D thanks Sarah! 13 Oct

We had some mommys come over with babies... Marilyn with Jake (6mo), and Asa (10mo)
13 Oct

Auntie Heather was feeding him... since you know, life is so hard at 3 months... :D
13 Oct

He was sad he couldn't figure out how to get his gf to stop crying...
we found out Scarlett had a dirty diaper...
13 Oct

Mommy loves baby... hanging out before the Boones reception
10 Oct 09

Dancing with Auntie KImmy...

We had lunch with Kimmy at Boots n Kimo...and here they are dancing together :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rolling over!

10/2 All stretched out...I think this was the beginning of starting to roll over... turning to one side

10/3 (Happy bday daddy!) He impressed Grandma with his muscles...and determination

10/7 He wants to be a big boy. I think he gets this from seeing Asa hold his own bottle. :D

10/8: He rolled over to sleep on his belly...and apparently one arm...

10/8 Checking out the view ... so much more to see!

10/8 He definitely likes tummy time more now!

Well, the videos aren't just him rolling over... but it's official! He's rolling over. Granted, it's been a few days now. I came home from work and mom said that she puts him on his back and finds him on his belly when she returns. I witnessed the aftermath a few days ago. Put him to bed on his back and in the morning he was awake and looking around-on his belly!

We also got some footage of him trying to hold his bottle, he's taking an interest in being independent... Wonder where he gets that from. :P Enjoy the videos!