Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 Months...

At his doc appt he was 14lb 5oz and 25in long, head circumference of 16.75in.

I found this in his, "draft" blogs... thought I should post it. :) For the records you know.

Our 6month appt is 15 Jan, sadly mommy works that day, and I'm not sure I can go with him to his appt... so it might just be him and daddy.


First tooth: Christmas day (bottom left)
Second tooth...3 days later (bottom right)
And very soon it'll be some top ones... you can see the white.

Super close to crawling...he gets frustrated when he's up on his knees and not going anywhere.

I think he can sit up by himself too. I mean, he'll topple over... but I put him down today on his toosh, and he didn't topple over immediately. Yay, he works those ab muscles...

He's eating veggies once a day, and rice and cereal 2-3xs a day now. Still not too much liquids (4-5 oz, 6oz tops), or else he spits up a lot... But he does enjoy drinking cold water when we go for long walks in the BOB (and it's midday and hot outside)...

He also got his first dip in the ocean. Unfortunately I left the camera in the car (parked all the way across kapiolani park --we went to kaimaina's)... and he loved it. Just got cold after a bit.

That's all I can think of for now. He's growing up so fast, and I'm always so amazed how much I can just cover him in kisses...

one of our "unused" christmas photos

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a cutie...

9 Nov
Flying with grandma before bedtime...

9 Nov
Yes mommy, what can I do for you?

9 Nov
I'm a ganstah rollin in my cahseat...
Hanging out at the dentist office, wanted to show him off this week
since everyone asks about him
*dangit I meant to upload the other one, with bubbles...he's much cuter in that one...

Hahaha, here it is. Isn't he a cutie? Like... STINKIN' CUTE in this picture. Man I love it.
(sorry grainy, I just copied it over from facebook)

8 Nov
Playing in mommy's's been a few weeks since my hair has been down.
I've noticed that when I start to feel better, I tend to care more about my looks.

8 Nov
In his "aloha" attire for church with grandma.

It's been interesting with this whole surgery thing. Honestly, we're so blessed that mom is staying with us. I can't imagine how it'd be without out. It's worth it. It really is. I'm glad that a family member gets to spend so much time with him, I think it's good for both of them.

I'm glad that I'm okay'd to pick up and hold the baby. Just not after taking any narcotics (which I only take a dose in the evening to help sleep through the night) so that's ok. I'm still working up to being able to pick up him in his carseat (add some extra pounds there)...I can tell when I'm doing too much and I strain, it hurts. I am trying not to push it. You know, as much as I can.

I think (mom thinks) it might be time to up him to solids 3times a day now. He can eat like 10oz without throwing up (did I say this already, sorry, cannot remember), but we might hold off until his 4month appt this Thursday.

Looks like Thursday morning will be exciting for him too, his gf Scarlett will be coming over and they'll get to hang out together. They haven't been together in a while now, so they probably miss each other :P I know I sure miss Sarah!

Oh, I got to hear him giggle the other morning. It was super cute. I think it was the morning that I got to take care of him all by myself (the first time since the surgery). I got to take him out of the crib, feed him, change his diaper and his outfit. When we were changing his outfit I tickled his tummy and he giggled. Like baby laughter. It was the cutest thing. I was so blessed to hear my son laugh! It even woke up grandma, but she didn't mind :)

That's it for now, aloha!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yummy... Cereal...

I have a "one handed" feeding spoon, basically you squeeze out however much you need and feed him. I really like it. Anyway, it makes the other hand free to do whatever with, usually hold his hands back... but I couldn't resist the opportunity to show the world his eating act. :) Enjoy, there's two of them!

7 Nov-Mommy feeding breakfast cereal

7 Nov- Act II

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Those moments...

5 Nov
Aunty Laney came to help watch baby.. (can you tell he loves the tv...ugh!)

4 Nov
Cereal for breakfast! Oh mommy, why do you do this to me?!?

Oh I'm so exhausted...

Open mouth drooly baby...

Sleeping anyway he wants to :)

8 Nov
Mommy playing with her hair..

8 Nov
Veggie Tales with daddy... he loves the colors :)

He's growing up so fast! I've got even more pics to upload but I'm supposed to be sleeping... Just wanted to share some of them, and maybe I'll edit and add sleeping pics dates later. They'll be lots of sleeping baby pics, he's super cute when he's sleeping.

Thanks to Aunt Sharon for an amazing bib with his nickname on it, can't wait to try it out and show the world! Although I'm too scared to try it with solids, so we'll keep it with the milk meals. Speaking of apparently he tanked like 10oz with grandma today when she was out and about, and he barely spit up any (when he spits up a ton, it's a sign he overate, tummy too small). So I'm thinking we'll be adding a meal to his day. Right now he's milk and rice cereal for breakfast and milk and pureed veggies (today was carrots) for dinner (with milk meals in between). Looks like we'll be bumping the veggies to lunchtime and adding some rice cereal for dinner! Wow so fast. He's such a champ. Who'da thought he was starving when he first came into the world... :P

night night all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Solids already!

Hey everyone.

Surgery was 27 October and recovery is going fairly well. God has definitely blessed it!

It's been hard, trying to talk to him through wired shut mouth, and I cannot pick him up because he weighs more than 10lbs (no straining, especially the beginning days after surgery). I know he's confused, but he's doing better I think, especially as I start getting better, can talk a bit better as my feeling returns to my lips and all. I try to blow raspberries, and sometimes he responds.

It was hard because he started to need solids right when I got out of surgery. He was fussy all the time, wanting to eat more, but keep throwing up extra milk. He was hungry, and finally my mom cheated and gave him solids (I was recovering and not able to try and research everything, after all, he's not even 4 months yet). I guess she did it little by little, and it was good she did it, but still hard to accept. I finally gave the "official" okay, and she came out of the closet and told me she'd secretly been doing super small amounts to tide him over. :P Anyway, nowadays foods are determined by development. Because he's got a fairly good handle on his head control, is showing an interest in solids, and still hungry, we got the ok from the doc to start trying. It's an experiment for sure, but it's going well (fairly). My mom has been a huge help making all his food (something I wanted to try and do, to help save money on baby food and all, and I just like knowing exactly what's in his food). She's making everything and doing a great job at it. I am very blessed.

I gotta get some rest, but here's some pics and video. We had a lag from surgery to finding camera (I couldn't remember where it was and all), but we're back to taking pics! :)


Hanging out on Mommy's Chest 5 Nov

Edible Toesies...4 Nov

I was gonna try and take a nap with him, it didn't work out well. But he sure looks cute sleeping.

Hanging out in mommy's lap...4 Nov