Friday, July 2, 2010

He survived!

We flew from Honolulu to Vegas (6hrs), cruised in Vegas for two days and then flew to Reno (1hr), stayed for a week and then flew back to Vegas and then back to Honolulu. Let's just say the flight back to Honolulu was easier... I'm thinking it might be because the flight was scheduled for 6pm, and by the time we landed in Hawaii it was already midnight Nevada time.

Enjoying his first time at Joe's Crab Shack!

He got to see his great Aunt Kathy and his Auntie Stacey...

(Great) Aunt Kathy

Auntie Stacey

He got to meet Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob (& Doc), the Brady Bunch, and some of the Goons.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob
*much love*

Meeting Doc-Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bob's dog

Goons! (Minus Leesh & Kara)

Kailia- Perhaps another older lady to woo :)
Second family- The Brady Bunch

Hanging out with Dad along the Truckee

Entertaining himself at the RNO airport

Saturday, June 5, 2010


24 May; Cruising in his room

Marcus and I are continually amazed at our son. For example, today Marcus told me that he put him in the lazy boy twice, and both times he slid himself down. Smart kid.

After I was done changing him, I told him to be careful of the edge of the changing table. I kept saying "edge" and he was very diligent about rolling himself over to sitting up without falling off. I was impressed (don't worry, I would have caught him).

I also tried to scare him last night by jumping out from the corner, but he already knew I was coming! You know that initial delay when you scare a baby (baby reactions are slower than adults)... I saw him looking around the corner. Wow, he knows his mom wants to scare him around corners. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Videos :)

Enjoy :)

I'll have to get some new footage of how he is *now* when he goes to the beach. He crawls straight to the water, and even when
he was tossed by the wave, he did a-ok! :) My little water baby...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Photobooth pics...

I was going through some old photos from photobooth (on the mac) and ran across some pics of the baby. I didn't realize how different he looks now, and how we used to think he had so much hair... Some of them, he really looks like an alien. :D


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures and vids for you!

As usual... all out of order :) But still incredibly cute and lovable! Enjoy!

13 Apr- Life is so hard for him (holding onto his crib bars)

12 Apr- Snacking in the playpen

More snacking...

10 Apr-Hanging out with the laundry...

9 Apr- Hanging out with mom, playroom fun! Check out those teeth!

I love it when he makes this face!

It was naptime...but he didn't stop making noise so I went to go checkup on him, and this is what I found...

Little bugga was happy to see me, even though he messed up his mattress really badly (so we had to buy a thicker one)

8 Apr-Bathtime fun!

6 Apr -Hanging out with daddy...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

6 Teeth....

No pictures, but six teeth. Four on top and two on bottom, and he's less crazy cranky since they've cut through the gums. Thankfully. He also got a new mattress. He had the ability to pull up his old mattress (thin foam covered in vinyl) and fold it all up, and then not sleep. Thankfully Marcus was able to take off work today, and he did baby errands (pick up new mattress and diapers with coupons that were expiring today).

Oh, he had his six month appointment, he weighs 20lbs and is almost 40in tall. Granted height is all relative based on how much someone stretches the baby out... but still. He's on track with everyone else. Which is always great news, since we had that little scare in the beginning with getting back to his birthweight. We also found out that he has the beginning of a lazy eye, so we got an opthamology referral and they should be calling us within the week for an appointment.

He loves the water. His bath time has turned into quite the adventure. He has turned into a fish! He holds his breath and sticks his head under water! Like he's swimming. I got some video of it, but I'm a little scared of posting video of his toosh online. I don't know what the rules are with everything, especially these days. At least the pics from bath time (on Facebook) don't have anything showing. :)

Well that's it for Zeke. :) Later we'll post some pics...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Hanging out with momma on the bed...

I love his little faces! He does this thing (I need to get video) where he scrunches his nose and breathes in and and out real hard... it's super cute...

Isn't that precious?

I show off my teefies for you momma! See the top two on the left side? Weird hunh? Not in the middle top, but on the top left... iiiiinteresting...

Getting into mischief night before Easter. Too cute...

Sitting nicely in front of his basket...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some pics and laughing with daddy...

You know how lazy I am with coordinating the dates and chronological order of the pics. So for now, please be patient and appreciate the fact that I label the pics :)

Baby woke up the morning of surgery before I left, so I couldn't just leave him. 30 Mar

Hanging out with mom in the morning 3 Apr

Life is so hard for him... he cannot get a grip! :P 28 Mar

Smiling for the camera... getting into mischief 2 Apr

Helping mom drive to North Shore...25 Mar

Dad's silly monkey....19 Mar

Loving the baby... 19 Mar

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poor little guy...

He's confused. He doesn't understand why mommy cannot hold him. Why everything is different and there are new toys in the living room (wheelchair and shower chair). He's a little cranky with the new teeth coming in, he has one that came in about a week ago, that is on the top left side (when you look at him). It's weird, definitely not one of this two "front" teeth... more like a canine. Goober.

He's cranky. Not sleeping, too excited or weirded out. I was at the hospital for about 48hrs counting surgery day, so I cannot imagine what it's like to be little and without momma. Then without momma being able to do anything (pick him up, etc).

On the cool side, I think he said momma today. It's cute. A little. In a weird crying/want something sort of way. But... it's ok. I just wished I felt better and could hold him, or wasn't in so much pain or paranoid about him hitting my hip or my mouth.

Someone mentioned, "o enjoy your time off with your baby," and I really just wanted to tell them, "You know, it's not really time off when you're recovering from major surgery. You know, when I cannot move my leg on my own and I have to use this little lasso thing... when I cannot even hold my own son... no right now I'm not really enjoying my time off, I'm trying to recover. Which doesn't have a lot of room for baby."

Ok that's my rant for now. Maybe after this siesta, I can post some pics and video today. Not sure if I have any vids... but sleeping pics for sure.

Also, he's almost almost walking! I mean, he talks a couple steps and sits down, but really, he's using everything to help him walk. I told my mom at this point, he'll be walking before me! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Vids...

The baby realizing he can use his walker without being in it... to walk around. Too bad the video got cut off because I ran out of memory!

Baby cruising with his friend Brookey... she's about 3 months older than him...

Enjoying the thrills of feeding himself... sort of... I have to learn to be patient with the huge mess he always makes... :D

Sorry I haven't posted updates recently... it's been busy with work and baby and trying not to go crazy. He's got his own little things he likes to do, and his own little attitude. He doesn't like cuddling (sad for mommy) and he loves his bottle. He doesn't like eating avocado and he has finally started making babbling noises (was scaring me for a while). It almost sounds like he says momma... but nothing too definite. He does enjoy being almost completely mobile though...he can pull himself up, walk along something, and hold himself steady for a second or two. Marcus said he saw him take a couple steps a few days ago.. I have yet to witness steps. Just standing.
*sigh* 8 months already!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well it's delayed (these are from Jan), but I wanted to upload some videos of the bebe. One is him trying to escape from his blue beach tent, the other two are from when he first started to really pick it up crawling... Enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Crawling (not falling) :)

If you read my blog, you caught the fact that in my attempt to catch him crawling, I instead caught him pulling himself up and falling over. And me laughing. I'm waiting to post it :P But this is a good video-of him crawling (and squeaking) on his way to daddy... :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's kind of a ridiculously long video of him eating.
But I just think he makes some of the cutest faces...
wanted to share them with you.

My mother told me that Zeke could pull himself up. I hadn't gotten to see it, until today. He started playing around with his bumbo pulling himself up (and having a hard time since the bumbo kept moving)... then after I put him down for a nap and I looked into his room from the kitchen, I saw it. The little bugger pulled himself up and was holding on to the railing of the crib. What a little punk. I couldn't believe it.

My how time flies! (I'll try to catch a pic of it's crazy cute...)

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010...

8 Jan Daddy says bye to baby...

9 Jan-Still loving the kicker...

9 Jan-Cruising in the high chair...

16 Jan-Grabbing the bottles...

16 Jan-Playing with the spoon and peas...

Cutie face...


18 Jan- LET ME OUT!
*I don't wanna nap*

somebody loves bathtime...

Cruising in the new ride... :)

Well he's officially 6 months now. Jan 12th. His appt he was 17lbs and 27inches (I think, he grew 2in from the last time). Got more shots. Doc says he's progressing nicely and in the median for weight, height and head circumference.

He's got a little skin rash on the face, thinking it's eczema so we're putting lotion on it. Doc said it may or may not be related to food rash (something he's eating, or formula). We're gonna try the lotion first, then try changing formula. He seems to have random spit ups, that sometime concerns mom (and she doesn't understand what causes).

But he's crawling... not with much style or grace, but DEFINITELY moving. Silly goose...Marcus said he put him in the middle of the room surrounded by toys, and he came back and the baby was pulling on the internet chord. Ah yes, he already has a death wish... eating everything he can get his hands on, and always interested in something OTHER than his toy.

Guess I'll have to update with some videos soon... just wanted some pics. Hope you like. I think he's stinkin cute :)