Friday, January 29, 2010

Crawling (not falling) :)

If you read my blog, you caught the fact that in my attempt to catch him crawling, I instead caught him pulling himself up and falling over. And me laughing. I'm waiting to post it :P But this is a good video-of him crawling (and squeaking) on his way to daddy... :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's kind of a ridiculously long video of him eating.
But I just think he makes some of the cutest faces...
wanted to share them with you.

My mother told me that Zeke could pull himself up. I hadn't gotten to see it, until today. He started playing around with his bumbo pulling himself up (and having a hard time since the bumbo kept moving)... then after I put him down for a nap and I looked into his room from the kitchen, I saw it. The little bugger pulled himself up and was holding on to the railing of the crib. What a little punk. I couldn't believe it.

My how time flies! (I'll try to catch a pic of it's crazy cute...)

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010...

8 Jan Daddy says bye to baby...

9 Jan-Still loving the kicker...

9 Jan-Cruising in the high chair...

16 Jan-Grabbing the bottles...

16 Jan-Playing with the spoon and peas...

Cutie face...


18 Jan- LET ME OUT!
*I don't wanna nap*

somebody loves bathtime...

Cruising in the new ride... :)

Well he's officially 6 months now. Jan 12th. His appt he was 17lbs and 27inches (I think, he grew 2in from the last time). Got more shots. Doc says he's progressing nicely and in the median for weight, height and head circumference.

He's got a little skin rash on the face, thinking it's eczema so we're putting lotion on it. Doc said it may or may not be related to food rash (something he's eating, or formula). We're gonna try the lotion first, then try changing formula. He seems to have random spit ups, that sometime concerns mom (and she doesn't understand what causes).

But he's crawling... not with much style or grace, but DEFINITELY moving. Silly goose...Marcus said he put him in the middle of the room surrounded by toys, and he came back and the baby was pulling on the internet chord. Ah yes, he already has a death wish... eating everything he can get his hands on, and always interested in something OTHER than his toy.

Guess I'll have to update with some videos soon... just wanted some pics. Hope you like. I think he's stinkin cute :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Finally... we're back.. Dec Pics&Video

30 Dec Hanging out with Daddy.... and poking out his eye :D

27 Dec... Cruising in his tub... lol, well getting ready to at least (don't worry he doesn't shower with a diaper)

26 Dec... Stinkin' cute at Billie's wedding chewing on his pacifier (nope, sure doesn't suck on it)

17 Dec ... Hanging out with Brookey... he likes the ladies :)
especially the older ones...

really... I don't need to say too much here...

16 Dec Baby got a cold and was sleeping on the Boppy to help with congestion...apparently he wanted to snuggle with his seahorse this night...

10 Dec... I totally love this face. It's super cute.

10 Dec... Touching feet! So flexible..

5 Dec... Hmm... how come it's not in my mouth?

3 Dec.. Hanging out with Scarlett!