Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Vids...

The baby realizing he can use his walker without being in it... to walk around. Too bad the video got cut off because I ran out of memory!

Baby cruising with his friend Brookey... she's about 3 months older than him...

Enjoying the thrills of feeding himself... sort of... I have to learn to be patient with the huge mess he always makes... :D

Sorry I haven't posted updates recently... it's been busy with work and baby and trying not to go crazy. He's got his own little things he likes to do, and his own little attitude. He doesn't like cuddling (sad for mommy) and he loves his bottle. He doesn't like eating avocado and he has finally started making babbling noises (was scaring me for a while). It almost sounds like he says momma... but nothing too definite. He does enjoy being almost completely mobile though...he can pull himself up, walk along something, and hold himself steady for a second or two. Marcus said he saw him take a couple steps a few days ago.. I have yet to witness steps. Just standing.
*sigh* 8 months already!