Friday, July 2, 2010

He survived!

We flew from Honolulu to Vegas (6hrs), cruised in Vegas for two days and then flew to Reno (1hr), stayed for a week and then flew back to Vegas and then back to Honolulu. Let's just say the flight back to Honolulu was easier... I'm thinking it might be because the flight was scheduled for 6pm, and by the time we landed in Hawaii it was already midnight Nevada time.

Enjoying his first time at Joe's Crab Shack!

He got to see his great Aunt Kathy and his Auntie Stacey...

(Great) Aunt Kathy

Auntie Stacey

He got to meet Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob (& Doc), the Brady Bunch, and some of the Goons.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob
*much love*

Meeting Doc-Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bob's dog

Goons! (Minus Leesh & Kara)

Kailia- Perhaps another older lady to woo :)
Second family- The Brady Bunch

Hanging out with Dad along the Truckee

Entertaining himself at the RNO airport