Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poor kid...

I've abandoned Zeke's blog in the aftermath (and some beforemath) of this surgery of mine. But I figured I could at least update with some random factoids (since I currently can't find my doohickey to upload pics).

Tonight he started going to sleep with the blanket over his head rocking back and forth. Hubster was concerned, but I didn't think anything of it. Perhaps he was concerned about some more sirens going off tonight (although he didn't wake up until they had gone off quite a few times around 4am last night). Anyway, hubby goes in to check on him after he falls asleep and calls me to the room. He had pulled the mattress on top of him! Not a significant feat of accomplishment since it's a thin mattress, about 2-3 inches of foam covered in plastic (it's a mini crib)...but still scary to think about suffocation. It was tented, so he could breathe, but we still pulled him out and put him on top of his mattress. Silly kid.

What else does he do? He's slowly starting to talk more, or at least try to talk. He'll say 'cheese' when you're taking picture (if you initiate), or when he wants to eat his cheese. He also says some grunting words for please, or something. But at least he'll say, "Up" to be picked up, which he wants a lot of that lately. He has a tricycle my mom got him for Christmas, and he loves it. He doesn't use the pedals yet, but he kinda sits crooked and pushes himself with one leg. But at least he's gotten the steering down. He loves it. He also loves going into different rooms because he gets to go over the molding and it's bumpy.

He also loves the ipad. Seriously, he plays with it like no other. Likes pushing the button, and making the screen move, he's really rather smart. He can unlock it (we don't have the pin set up, so just the swipe-y thing), and he can open apps. Smart kid. Scary.

I think that's all I can think of right now. I'm tired. I need sleep. Hopefully more to come later.