Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Big Brother

Other than the fact that it has been ridiculously forever since momma bear's last post...

I thought we should update big brother's blog with a post, about his little sister. :)

Baby Sister Hannah made her debut on her due date, 28 Feb 2014 at 0851 AM. It's quite cute since about being three months pregnant, we have told Zeke that "baby sister is coming in February." As the days went by in February, I was so sure that Hannah was going to make an early appearance. Alas, not so much. On the 27th I had my 40 week appointment, where my membranes were stripped and I told my boss I was not returning to work afterwards (and he agreed with that decision). Since I was off work, Marcus and I went together to pick up Zeke. His teacher Ms. Shannon asked me when I was due, since Zeke kept talking about baby sister coming in February. And in class she had been talking about how February was a shorter month, there's only 28 days, and the month was almost over- which is apparently when Zeke piped in and said the month couldn't be over yet because baby sister hadn't come yet. I left preschool worried how I was going to explain to my son that babies come whenever they want... and we went home for the last time as a family of three.

True to the timing, she came right on time. And mom didn't have to explain the arbitrary date that doctors give babies for their arrival. :)

 Big Brother meeting baby sister at Tripler (28 Feb)

 Holding baby sister at home (1 Mar)

Great Grandma meeting baby sister (2 Mar)

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