Friday, March 28, 2014

Adjustment to life

It's hard to say what behaviors of Zeke are because of the baby in the picture, or if it's just part of him growing up.

Since baby sister came home, Zeke has kind of been obsessed with my boobs. Heck, I've been obsessed with my boobs. All this milk struggles really gets a momma riled up! At any rate, it's been a segway to teach about "private parts" and how we shouldn't touch each other's parts. It's kind of working, but we'll see.

He's also gotten into this weird whining mood. For example, "Zeke, you need to go to sleep so you can go to school. If you do not listen, you will not get to use the iPad tomorrow." Crying he responds, "But I love the iPad!!!" It seems like he's more hysterical than crying, but you get the point. Like... for everything. So that has been, not fun to deal with.

Also, he has an awesome (sarcastic) chest cold. No fever, just congested cough and a few days of crazy snot nose. Sigh... the life of a family of four...

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